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  • The Anatomy of a Rehab Patient - This slide presentation may be used to train hospital case managers on which patients should be referred to the IRF.  The IRF can then make an assessment as to whether or not the patient meets admission requirements.
  • IRF Services - A summary of the services we provide for our IRF Clients


IRF-PAI MANUAL:  Effective 10-01-2014

Documents Related to the 1/1/2010 Requirements

Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, Chapter 1 – Inpatient Hospital Services Covered Under Part A
Section 110 – Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Services includes the detailed information about Preadmission Screening (PAS), Post Admission Physician Evaluation (PAPE), Individualized Overall Plan of Care (IPOC), Admission Orders, Team Approach, Intensity of Therapy and Medical Necessity (Reasonable and Necessary Care)
Provides clarifications about documentation requirements in the PAS, PAPE, IPOC, Admission Orders, and inclusion of the IRF-PAI in the record with corresponding date and time.
Provides clarifications about the use of multiple therapy disciplines, group therapy, intensity of therapy, adjunct therapies, medical necessity, rehabilitation nursing requirements, the elimination of trial therapy, and breaks in therapy.
Provides clarifications about a number of topics including the brief exceptions policy for therapy, weekly team meetings, post-admission physician evaluation time frames, and the ability to “make up” therapy minutes.
Provides additional clarifications about admissions orders, the PAS, the PAPE and therapy requirements.
Documents Related to the 1/1/2010 Requirements

Other Helpful Links

 Medicare Claims Processing Manual, Chapter 3 - Inpatient Hospital Billing
Section 140 – Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility Prospective Payment System (IRF PPS) includes detailed information about classification and payment requirements. This section covers the details of the CMS-13 requirements including those for arthritis. Home Page for Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility PPS
This link takes you to the home page for CMS regulations for IRFs.