Images & Associates has developed and refined an operational assessment strategy that will assist the organization in identifying key strengths and opportunities for rehabilitation services in today’s rapidly changing environment.  To be financially successful the provider must have an adequate referral base of physicians, insurers and other sources; and, have an entrepreneurial leader who has thorough knowledge of Medicare and other third party payment and who can effectively manage the business. In our experiences with a large number of healthcare organizations, Images & Associates has identified a set of key areas that, when effectively improved, promote long term financial success for the organization.  These key areas are:
  • Admissions Management / Census Development
  • Utilization of Services/Length of Stay Management
  • Appropriate Billing and Coding Processes for PPS
  • Information Management and Documentation
  • Cost Management
  • Compliance (including Medicare Conditions of Participation, Medicare Regulatory Guidelines, RAC Readiness, Ability to Meet Accreditation Conditions)
  • Physician and Organizational Leadership

Our evaluation of the organization's performance and opportunities for improving revenue and operating margins is based on these operating factors.  When opportunities for improvement in these factors are identified, they will be incorporated into our preliminary recommendations and will be used to develop an implementation plan in collaboration with the organization.

Operational Assessment
Images & Associates